ShutdownGuard 1.0

Avoid unwanted shutdowns and restarts


  • Very easy to use
  • Provides quick access to shutdown options
  • Very discreet


  • No configuration options


Accidentally shutting down, restarting or logging off your computer is a real pain in the neck. It tends to happen if you are installing new programs or working on a network where some wiseguy administrator thinks it's a funny joke. Prevent unexpected shutdowns - and the loss of your work - by installing ShutdownGuard, a small, free and - most importantly - efficient - anti-shutdown app.

ShutdownGuard has no user interface. Once installed, a little lock icon will appear in your taskbar. Click on it once and it will open, meaning that your computer can be shut down etc. at will. Click again, and the icon will change to a closed lock. If your computer attempts to shut down, it will now ask you for confirmation before doing anything.

ShutdownGuard is a very handy app. It can start up with Windows, and you can hide it from the taskbar if you like, but beyond this there are no other options. That's not a problem however, as ShutdownGuard is a very specific solution to a specific problem, and as such, it works perfectly.

Prevent irritating unexpected shutdowns with ShutdownGuard.



ShutdownGuard 1.0

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